Library of TraitSet TOO! Assessments

Work Ethic Integrity

When you hire the candidate will he/she show up, do a good job and be as concerned about their job as you are. Do they go that extra mile? What is their integrity measure?

Customer Service

Does the candidate have the social skills and interest to treat your customers with respect and resolve their problems. Can he/she help you keep customers?

Antagonistic Behavior

Based on the candidate’s responses, it measures where a candidate or employee is on the dimension from passive to aggressive and hostile. Find out about possible harassment and violence potential beforehand.

General Cognitive


The General Skills Test is a broader test that involves some mathematical and some verbal items and it also includes logic or problem solving questions.

Leadership Management

Does the person have the skills of confidence, dealing with problems in a pro-active way, and positively influencing others. Can that person help you develop and manage your people?

Sales Potential

Does the candidate have what it takes to sell your product or services, identify customer needs, and deal with objections. Can that person help you make money?

Money Math

A basic assessments for fundamental numerical ability. Designed for monetary transactions.