TraitSet Too! is for businesses that have online Job applications:

Your in-house application program or through an application or HRIS service provider.

But, you want to know which applicants will be Superior Employees.

Personality Tests are broad and general – TraitSet® is Specific

Broad Personality Style Tests are NOT TraitSet®.

Personality Tests are done using five factors that predict style and temperament.

This historical approach has been available since the 1930s. These employee assessments were designed to be delivered on paper and manually scored. Some are now delivered on the web. Most were first used in general retail, which sometimes is a slower paced environment with lower turnover. Personality Tests measure compatibility characteristics. But, TraitSet® is better at predicting specific behaviors than the personality tests we see today.

Personality Test Reports are typically many pages long, difficult to understand and often are best used with the assistance of expensive consultants and several time consuming interviews. These extra interviews seek to understand the very behaviors that are specifically measured by TraitSet® pre-screening assessments.

TraitSet® dramatically reduces the need for these extra unnecessary interviews!